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A podcast about chillin' and getting loose, with a little bit of life advice for good measure! Spread positivity! Don't be a dick! 

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Jan 30, 2019

The rants are back my friends. 

I'm ripping a strip off of Keurig, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons in this episode while shining a light on some of my favourite local coffee shops. 

Sandra Teflissi, the Co-Owner of Coutts Coffee Company in Perth Ontario, joins me in between serving coffee like a legend, to give us the secret...

Jan 23, 2019

Let's talk about how to let go. Of your ego, your career, who you THINK you are, toxic relationships, and more! 

Essay's read: 

"What We Can Learn From The Flow Of Water"


Jan 16, 2019

An honest discussion about the phrase "follow your passion" and why I think that is terrible advice. We talk:

-Cultivating your passion, attempting to monetize and then falling out of love with said passion

-Being honest with yourself, can you drudge through the drudgery?

-I read an excerpt from my essay "light as a...

Jan 9, 2019

A conversation between you and I about debt. In this week's episode we discuss: 

-Individual debt and our control over it 

-Compulsory consumption and how to curb it

-3 steps you can take to help eliminate your debt

-organizing your monthly purchases (needs, wants, etc.)

-the bigger picture

If you feel like supporting...

Jan 2, 2019

A one-on-one conversation between you and me. Happy New Year! We talked:

-"New Year, new me" how to make New Year's resolutions stick

-Discovering growth, what it means to grow, and how to become obsessed with it

-The 5 values of living a meaningful life 

-How to eliminate goals 

-How you can get my new EP FOR FREE