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A podcast about chillin' and getting loose, with a little bit of life advice for good measure! Spread positivity! Don't be a dick! 

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Feb 13, 2019

In this episode I touch on two things that may seem unrelated but are more unified than you would think. 

Authenticity is something people have a hard time following through on. Everywhere in business and social media people are trying to create these versions of themselves as opposed to just giving you an honest window into their lives. That doesn't jive with me. We discuss when it makes sense to create those characters, why you should always double down on you, and how to talk to your audience. 

We also talk about race. I tell a funny story involving me finding out I was part black in middle school, I talk about the troubles minorities face in this world, and the excuses that go hand-in-hand with them. These thoughts and opinions are my own and come from my own situation growing up. There are people who will disagree with statements, or the entire thing, and that is great too. Bottom line, get after it. 

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