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If you need to read this today:

You are loved, you are appreciated. There are people in this world who look forward to your voice, your smile, and your presence. Be well, and know that at the very least I want you to be successful, whatever that may mean to you. 

Invest Your Time

Feb 4, 2019

I have been staring at the clock on my laptop for the last 25 minutes. The blank page in front of me a reminder that I am at a loss for words and can’t think of a damn thing to write about. That’s when it hits me, inspiration that is, and I finish typing the sentence that you see before you (#inception). Some days are like this. Some days I jump out of bed and run to my laptop to write the next week’s essay, and some days I stare at my computer with this perplexed look on my face, wondering if I have become illiterate. The independent variable in this situation is me. Every day I will sit down with my laptop until my phone timer reaches 60 minutes, or I write something. This is why I am successful.


There’s a huge market right now, for thousands of influencers and entrepreneurs, based around teaching people how to work. Vloggers, authors, CEO’s, and everything in between are all running to Instagram and YouTube, hashtagging the word “hustle” in their bios, in hopes that you’ll stumble across their page and sign-up to their mentor course, or buy their book. The problem with this whole “hustle” obsessed generation is that the answer shouldn’t be written down in a book. The answer isn’t even long enough to take up a short story, let alone an entire novel. No, the answer is three letters; invest your time. We’ve become spoiled with outlined career paths and college degrees that we’ve forgotten the number one thing that is going to lead us to success. Investing your time in anything, whether it is your current J-O-B or a passion project you are trying to cultivate, is going to lead you to success. Think about it for a second. How did you get those awesome grades that got you into college in the first place? Investing time into your own education. How did you end up getting your college degree? Investing your time. How did you get that promotion after working an entry level position for 6 months? Investing your time. This isn’t rocket science. This isn’t something you need Tai Lopez to outline for you in an Ebook. If you want to be successful in your current passion/side-hustle you need to put the work in and invest your time.


This brings me back to writing. I was a terrible English student. If they had Blinkist back in 2014 I probably would have gotten better grades, but alas, they didn’t so I didn’t do the reading. I never had any interest in reading or writing until these last few months where I started consuming a book every two weeks (working my way up to a book a week) and writing essays on a weekly basis. When I discovered this hidden passion for writing I decided that sitting on my ass and “aspiring” to be a writer was only going to get me so far, I actually had to put hands to keys and start drafting. Well, one essay turned into 5, which turned into 10, then 20. Now I’m in the middle of mapping out my first Self-help novel and all within 3-4 months of starting this endeavour. How? How did I go from someone who hadn’t written anything over 140 characters since highschool, to someone who releases weekly blogs, with over a thousand words per blog, and is in the middle of writing their first book? I invested my time, and put the work in.


There’s no vitamin. No secret ingredient in your coffee. There’s no magic workout, or sleep hacking technique that will make you successful and allow you to become more skilled in your field. Every day, I sit down for at least an hour and I try to write a blog. I spend the same amount of time on my podcast, and the same amount of time on my music. That’s it. An hour, each day, with the phone off, completely focused on the task at hand.


You don’t need to search anymore. You don’t need to watch another vlog. Don’t click another YouTube video and don’t follow another motivation account. Turn off your cell phone, set an alarm clock for 60 minutes, and invest your time.